Wow, this is much much bigger than just Facebook!

Feeling pretty daunted I have to admit as I finish reading Module 1 and come to realise how huge social networking and social media has become without me somehow noticing. Yes I have a Facebook page and a LinkedIn profile, (but mainly because everyone else I know seems to have one and it’s a great way of tracking down long lost school friends  – though also makes you realise why they were long lost…) but there is SO much else out there. No wonder everyone is now constantly checking their mobile or netbook – they’re not wondering if they have the odd text message or email but they’re getting their Twitter feeds, downloading their favourite blogs, watching movies, living another life… Makes me think that there might come a time, in the not too distant future, when no one actually talks (in the old fashioned ‘open your mouth and words come out’ way) to anyone else, they’ll just tweet, post, tag or blog instead!!

What seems to be key is organising what information you want to receive and what information you want to share, otherwise you’d just drown in it all. Having not understood what all the fuss was about Twitter, for example, a recent International Herald Tribune article set me straight on a few things, including searching for tweets on particular topics of interest and creating lists. Now it might actually be useful. I just need to find the time to actually create these lists…

And on another matter, I’m still not sure how a virtual world such as Second Life is going to improve my life, though presumably all will be revealed in due course! As long as it doesn’t become all-consuming as demonstrated by the tragic story of the South Korean couple who let their baby starve to death whilst they become obsessed with raising a virtual child. How sad is that?


About Sue

Sue Page is in the process of completing a Masters in Library & Information Management from Charles Sturt University in Australia.
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