Post-assignment musings…

Well one down and one to go. Just pressed the button and send Assignment 1 off, which is both a good and a scary thing as a) I’m relieved it’s done and out of the way, but b) I’ve the usual post-assignment niggling doubts about what I’ve written and whether it’s really up to scratch. I believe my paper, ‘Using social media to connect with prospective students and the lessons Qatar-based campuses can learn from their US counterparts: A case study (and a rather long mouthful) could have been  better if I had been able to look at both prospective AND current students, as was the original intention, but I simply couldn’t get it down to anywhere near the required word count… But what’s done is done, and time to move forward on my social networking learning curve.

I have to say that despite initial reservations, I am enjoying using Facebook as a vehicle for interacting with my INF506 classmates and feel it works better than the Interact forums. It’s definitely more social and personal which is a good thing for distance learners who all too often can feel very isolated and alone. Even just having a little thumbnail image of each member really helps. The majority of the group seems to have come together very well through the Facebook postings and there seems to be more willingness to share good articles, post tips, and generally provide support, than I’ve experienced in other courses. Yes, the 4cs of collaboration, conversation, content creation, and community are certainly alive and kicking, and it’s great to be actually experiencing a concept that we’re studying.

Some of the Library 2.0 things I’m having more of a problem with, simply because a) I’ve never working in a library or information agency, and b) I haven’t actually worked outside of the home for 4 years, so I’m having to fall back on everything I’ve read and studied over the past 3 years, to try and put myself in the shoes of a Librarian 2.0. I guess this is where Second Life could be very useful as I could meet and chat with all sorts of Librarians and Information Managers. I’m so impressed with Carole in our group, who appears to have really taken off with Second Life and had some amazing encounters and interactions. Methinks it’s time I got back in there…


About Sue

Sue Page is in the process of completing a Masters in Library & Information Management from Charles Sturt University in Australia.
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