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Sue Page is in the process of completing a Masters in Library & Information Management from Charles Sturt University in Australia.

It may be the end, but it’s really just the beginning – Evaluative Report

Part a) Provides evidence, through three OLJ postings, of the advancements I’ve made in becoming an effective information professional in a socially networked world, and the knowledge I have gained, through meeting the five learning objectives: Whilst I had used … Continue reading

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Entering a whole new virtual world, part II

One of the ideal characteristics of a Librarian 2.0 that came out of a FB group discussion was ‘courage’, and it was courage that took me to the launch party of the Jokaydia Unconference 2010 earlier today in Second Life … Continue reading

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5 key points for a social media policy

David Olsen has just reported on a recent Australian survey finding that 1 in 5 people would refuse a job that bans Facebook. Workers who often work at home after hours want in return to access social media (SM) at work. … Continue reading

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Why libraries should use social networking

I have selected three public libraries that have embraced Web 2.0, Worthington Libraries (WL), Ann Arbor District Library (AADL), and Mosman Library (ML) to demonstrate Reasons why libraries should use social networking: To share information – WL and AADL post … Continue reading

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Harnessing the wisdom of the crowd

The two courses I’m currently studying (INF517 Digitisation and this INF506 Social Networking course) have most satisfyingly come together through the social media site Flickr, and in particular, a designated space known as The Commons, where a number of esteemed cultural … Continue reading

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Post-assignment musings…

Well one down and one to go. Just pressed the button and send Assignment 1 off, which is both a good and a scary thing as a) I’m relieved it’s done and out of the way, but b) I’ve the … Continue reading

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Putting the A-Z of social networking for libraries to work

How can AnnaLaura Brown’s A-Z of social networking for libraries be applied to a library I know to help it embrace a Library 2.0 ethos? Georgetown University School of Foreign Service in Qatar Library currently serves 300 students, faculty and staff,  … Continue reading

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